Grow With The Flow

Posted by cgense on October 22, 2014 under Uncategorized | Be the First to Comment

Something I have adapted in my late life move is to develop with the stream. Things happen that are frequently great and here and there terrible. Whether they’re great or terrible is a matter of supposition. As I woke up to my brightness and my new point of view on life I experienced numerous stages. Very nearly like the phases of lamenting.

I began willfully ignorant, thinking my life was radiant when truly it was great however not yet incredible. I was cheerful and satisfied in a few ranges yet I wasn’t satisfying my potential. I was playing little.

At that point I experienced indignation. Outrage that I had rested such a large amount of my life away before moving onto the bartering stage. Here I took a gander at all the extraordinary things throughout my life and believed that was sufficient when truly I knew I was equipped for such a great deal more.

The despondency stage was the hardest it. Discouragement has been portrayed as outrage turned inwards and I was most likely irate at myself for not making a move sooner.

At last I got myself into acknowledgement. I took a gander at all the positives throughout my life, the greater part of my achievements and zones to be thankful for realizing that it was just the starting. I was going for incredible things, I required to be on account of I knew my potential. I simply didn’t comprehend what it looked like yet.

In the event that we had a bird’s-eye perspective of the full picture of why our life was going in the bearing it was, it would all bode well. Everything would be so much simpler, yet we don’t or we think we don’t. We think we are winging it when truly there is a much greater picture and an intriguing story that is unfolding.

Each experience and everything that befalls us is some piece of this greater story and it heads us a step closer on our trip to what we need for ourselves and what we came here to do.

We learn as we experience these encounters (the uncomfortable ones more than the agreeable ones). The uncomfortable parts are the development, and its all piece of the stream of the unfolding story.

It appears to make it less demanding for me to experience the tormenting minutes when I’ve understood that there is a greater picture included. I simply need to trust and develop alongside the stream of the excursion. To assume the best part I can as I watch and partake in the motion picture that is my life.