Aussie Twin Hitmakers Nervo Have Blonde Ambition

Australian duo Nervo — twin sisters Liv and Mim Nervo — have never been afraid to dream big. Raised in Melbourne by Italian parents, they began working as models at 16. After achieving success and the opportunity to travel, they had the chance to attend the prestigious Opera Australia Academy but decided to channel their creative energy into pursuing a career writing pop songs. After penning an array of smash hits for Ke$ha, Kylie Minogue, Pussycat Dolls, David Guetta and others, they added DJing to their arsenal of talents while developing Nervo into its own musical entity. With DJ gigs from Ibiza to the States so far this summer, 2011 could be one of the twins’ best yet.

“We were doing a music swap after a session. Have you heard this record? Have you heard that record?” recalls Mim of a conversation that unknowingly helped their DJ career take shape. “David said [imitates French accent], ‘This is good. This is house music! You know your house music!’ We had been going to Ibiza forever, and we did love it. David was like, ‘Girls, why don’t you try DJing?’ We had left it up to the boys since we write, and he told us to try DJing and to see if we like it.”


“We’ve been so lucky because we’ve had so much support from our buddies in the community,” beams Liv. ” Not just David but Armin van Buuren, who invited us to open up for him, as well as Afrojack.”

“All of the guys who we’ve worked with have taken us under their wing,” adds Mim. “It’s a real drug being able to play your records to people straight away and get a reaction. For so many years we were in the studio and were never able to get the little bit of a reward, you know? And now [DJing] is the best thing, especially when we can test tracks.”

With “We’re All No One” featuring Afrojack and Steve Aoki out on September 6, and two Nervo EPs on the horizon, Liv and Mim continue to prepare for their eventual full-length as they trek around the world. “We’re constantly writing for an album,” relates Liv.

“On ‘We’re All No One’ the big difference is that we’re singing,” says Liv with a smile. “That was a fun experiment for us.”

The rest of the summer includes more dates on the Identity Festival Tour, a gig at Pacha Ibiza and then it’s off to Asia in October. “We have a great job,” concludes Liv. “We basically play music that we love. It’s amazing.”

Watch Liv and Mim Nervo talk about opening for Britney Spears on the Femme Fatale tour.

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